Consultancy & Engineering for innovative process

INOVERTIS brings all areas of industrial process together under one roof. Services provided range from technical studies, processes design/engineering and expert mission to consultancy.

  • Aim: to support our customers from the first project to its achievement.
  • Mission at the international level: to select the best available technologies (BAT) in Europe and transfer them at the international level.

Our high expertise level and multidisciplinarity allow us to carry on industrial development projects with a great efficiency and respectfully to all criteria required: technical, economic and environmental challenges.

Clean Technologies consultancy

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Selection of BAT: expertise in « water/effluents », « waste », « energy » and « material »
  • Partnership with the most recognized research platforms in France to carry out the eco-innovative experimental tests

Process engineering

  • Material and energy balances, Technical-and-economic feasibility study, Preliminary design and final design, CAPEX/OPEX, structural design, modelisation (2D, 3D), planning, risk analysis.
  • Classic calculations, Structural design of heat exchangers, technical specifications for pumps, metallic structures, thermal/aeraulic/hydrolic calculations

Industrial OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

  • Drawings 2D/3D, isometric, ground plane
  • Project ownership assistance
  • Turnkey solutions provider for Skids, pilots, glove box, special machines/equipments, air-lock entrances, pipes, etc.

Research & Development (our collaborative projects)

Our R&D activities and involvement in collaborative projects allow us to build a unique knowledge base which is daily updated with new data. We deploy that base to provide the best response to the customer needs.

Project Coordinator Our involvement in the project Topic Period
REE4EU (H2020) Sintef (Norway) - Environmental and social assessment
- Design of the concentration technology, through the ionic liquid extraction
- Development of a cost effective and efficient method of extraction and direct Rare Earth Alloys production, from abundantly available in-process and end-of-life rare earth-containing waste streams.
- Development of required market data on end-of-life rare earth availability and a triple value-chain business case, for a new European secondary rare earth alloys production sector.
2015 - 2019
VASCO 2 (FR) GPMM (France) - LCA, economic and technical study - Capture and valorization of industrial flue gas by algae. 2015 – 2018
DEMEAU (FR) Inovertis (France) - LCA for the validation of the environmental added value provided by hydrothermal technology
- Industrial feasibility study (Optimization of operation conditions, Preliminary design of the pilot, Measurement of investment and operating costs)
- Industrial liquid and solid waste treatment thanks to wet air oxidation and supercritical oxidation.
- Comparison with existing alternatives (full/semi biological treatment, incineration, etc.).
- Technical, economic and environmental evaluation.
- Upscaling of the technology.
2012 – 2015
Saraswati (FP7) BOKU (Austria) Environmental analyses of 15 Indian water treatment plants and of 7 European pilots. - Improvement of urban wastewater treatment in India. 2012 – 2016
AdwastoGas (FR) VERI/Veolia (France - Comparative LCA with conventional WWTPs sludges treatment sectors.
- Market analysis and calculation of the societal benefits.
- Gasification of sewage sludge.
- Environmental comparison of gasification versus methanisation, composting and incineration.
- Technical, economic and environmental evaluation.
2012 – 2016
LiqHyd (FR) Inovertis - LCA to improve environmental efficiency of the process
- Industrial feasibility study (Optimization of operation conditions, Preliminary design of the pilot, Measurement of investment and operating costs)
- Organic waste and biomass valorisation through liquefaction.
- Technical, economic and environmental evaluation.
- Upscaling of the technology.
2012 – 2016
Biomass For the Future (FR) INRA Versailles (France) Comparative LCA of the different industrial streams planned in the project - Cultivation and valorisation (as matter or energy) of Miscanthus and Sorghum.
- Environmental evaluation and comparison to conventional alternatives.
2012 - 2020
REPALI (FR) Groupe Barbier (France) Comparative LCA between three technologies of packaging production for a packaging-type by company and on two targeted markets - Food grade recycling of polyolefine (polyethylene & polypropylene).
- Supercritical CO2 purification.
- Environmental evaluation and comparison to conventional alternatives.
- Upscaling of the technology.
2012 - 2016
ATHENA (FR) Inovertis Coordination of the project, feasibility study and building of the demonstrator WAO to treat frigates’ waste 2016 – 2019

Our specialization: Hydrothermal oxidation processes

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